Beneath the Wealth: My Husband's Secret Identity

Love, Secrets, and Hidden Riches


Revenge · 







The story centers around Ethan Montgomery, a privileged, charismatic billionaire heir, and Ava Lawson, a talented, independent woman with a hidden legacy. When their paths cross by chance, a fascinating attraction rubs off between them, leading to a spontaneous and unexpected marriage. Little do they know that both Ethan and Ava are hiding secrets that could unravel their newfound alliance. Struggling to come to terms with her true identity and status as a billionaire heiress, Ava (Ava) fears judgment and the loss of her true love. Ethan, burdened with the expectations of his family and the weight of his wealth, longs for a true connection that transcends material possessions. As their marriage progresses, Eva and Ethan find themselves facing dangerous waters filled with trust issues, hidden motives, and external pressures. In the midst of their complex relationship, they must face their own fears, confront the expectations of others, and uncover the truths that will ultimately determine the fate of their union. As their love story unfolds, Eva and Ethan embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, learning that true happiness lies not in the bonds of wealth and social status, but in the authenticity of their connection. Through trials and tribulations, they must decide whether to fight for their love or succumb to the pressures that threaten to tear them apart.


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Beneath the Wealth: My Husband's Secret Identity

Beneath the Wealth: My Husband's Secret Identity

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Subjugated by the Mafia Prince

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Wake Up, My Beloved 2

Wake Up, My Beloved 2

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