1. Why can't I unlock the episode after I pay for it and enter the website again?

Check whether you have logged in. lokShorts need to log in to unlock the episode.

PC logon entry:Mobile phone login entry:

2. I have paid, but I don't know my account?

If you are using LokShorts for the first time, after the payment is completed, we will:

● Automatically register your account, generate a random password, and then display it on the payment results page.

● Send your account and password to your email address. You can view your account and password in your email address.

The PC payment success page shows:Mobile payment success page:

3. I know my payment email, but I don't know the password?

If you cannot find your first order information to obtain your password, you can change your password by clicking forgot password in the login pop-up window.

Forgot password entry on PC:
Mobile phone forgot password entry:

4. Can I use my iMyFone account to log into LokShorts?

Sure. lokShorts is a film and television product owned by iMyFone. lokShorts account is iMyFone account. You can use the LokShorts account to log on to the iMyFone, or use the iMyFone account to log on to the LokShorts.

5. I have other problems that cannot be solved. How can I seek help?

You can slide down the webpage to the bottom, find the feedback button, click and enter your unresolved questions in the feedback pop-up window. We will contact you via email, thank you for your support!

PC-side problem feedback portal:
Mobile problem feedback page entry:
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