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Dragon's Triumph in Abandoned Love


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The storyline revolves around a wedding, where the male protagonist, Zhao Junyang, is humiliated by the mother-in-law and the son of the Zhang Group, Zhang Tianhao, due to dowry issues. Zhang Tianhao publicly claims to have a relationship with Zhao Junyang's fiancée, leading to Zhao Junyang's mother collapsing and needing to be taken to the hospital. However, Zhang Tianhao and his family continue to harass and insult Zhao Junyang. In a critical moment, Ye Group's president, Ye Qingcheng, appears with a ten-billion-dollar dowry, proposes, and saves Zhao Junyang's mother. It turns out that Zhao Junyang and Ye Qingcheng had an early engagement, but they lost contact due to the difficulties faced by the Zhao family. Grateful for Ye Qingcheng's rescue, Zhao Junyang vows to treat her well. Despite initial opposition from family members, Zhao Junyang helps resolve a series of problems for the Ye family, eventually leading to a happy ending with Ye Qingcheng. In the end, Zhao Junyang's true identity is revealed , shocking everyone.


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