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The Prince is a bit Crazydefault cover

The Prince is a bit Crazy


Security guard soul transmigrates into the body of the weak crown prince, Zhang Biao, in the decadent Great Xia Kingdom. Shedding his former timidity, he first relieves the ailing emperor's worries and then fights for the well-being of the suffering people. Later, he engages in cunning battles with powerful officials to secure his position as heir, reforms the court by rewarding the virtuous and punishing the corrupt, and cleverly outwits foreign envoys using his modern knowledge to elevate his status to the highest rank.

The Prince is a bit Crazy

Wake Up, My Beloved 2default cover

Wake Up, My Beloved 2


In a contemporary American metropolis, the stepmother of the Dutch family Bethany and the Lyons' uncle Richard team up to steal an artificial intelligence invention from Bethany's genius scientist husband. The two murder Bethany's husband and orchestrate a car accident that leaves Richard's nephew, Wayne Lyons, in a coma, clearing the way for Richard to take over Lyons Enterprises. This mutually beneficial plan is derailed when Bethany's stepdaughter, Ellie Hollander, marries the now-awakened Wayne Lyons. Justice and romance ensue as the unlikely couple team up to investigate Bethany and Richard's crimes.

Wake Up, My Beloved 2

Miss Billionaire: Love Beckonsdefault cover

Miss Billionaire: Love Beckons


One day, the eldest daughter of the Song family, Song Wanrou, suddenly awakens to find herself in a melodramatic plot. She anticipates encountering a series of melodramatic events, such as being betrayed by her boyfriend and being kicked out of her home. Unwilling to accept this fate, she decides to make a change. Can she succeed?

Miss Billionaire: Love Beckons

Dragon's Triumph in Abandoned Lovedefault cover

Dragon's Triumph in Abandoned Love


The storyline revolves around a wedding, where the male protagonist, Zhao Junyang, is humiliated by the mother-in-law and the son of the Zhang Group, Zhang Tianhao, due to dowry issues. Zhang Tianhao publicly claims to have a relationship with Zhao Junyang's fiancée, leading to Zhao Junyang's mother collapsing and needing to be taken to the hospital. However, Zhang Tianhao and his family continue to harass and insult Zhao Junyang. In a critical moment, Ye Group's president, Ye Qingcheng, appears with a ten-billion-dollar dowry, proposes, and saves Zhao Junyang's mother. It turns out that Zhao Junyang and Ye Qingcheng had an early engagement, but they lost contact due to the difficulties faced by the Zhao family. Grateful for Ye Qingcheng's rescue, Zhao Junyang vows to treat her well. Despite initial opposition from family members, Zhao Junyang helps resolve a series of problems for the Ye family, eventually leading to a happy ending with Ye Qingcheng. In the end, Zhao Junyang's true identity is revealed , shocking everyone.

Dragon's Triumph in Abandoned Love

Miss Millionaire's Counterstrikedefault cover

Miss Millionaire's Counterstrike


The timid daughter-in-law, originally the heiress of a wealthy family, married someone for the sake of love. In her in-law's home, she endured endless grievances. Her mother-in-law, driven by wealth, even encouraged her son to pursue another wealthy girl. Ironically, this pursued heiress turned out to be the daughter of the maid from the daughter-in-law's family. The heiress has been continuously suppressed, and how she will shine in the family disputes remains to be seen. Who will ultimately become the true heiress? A family feud is about to erupt.

Miss Millionaire's Counterstrike

Agent Phoenixdefault cover

Agent Phoenix


Three years ago, Zhai Ling and Zhai Man Yun were tricked by their girlfriends to sell to the park in the Northern Triangle. Zhai Ling's parents, who spent money to ransom her, were brutally killed by coyotes, and Zhai Ling's siblings were also resold as goods to other parks. Three years later, Zhai Ling to the North Triangle first female killer Phoenix identity strong return, when the enemies, one can not run away. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Agent Phoenix

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