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This is a modern fantasy romance story that revolves around the protector of the nation, Ye Fan. Renowned in the martial world, he is appointed as the Grand Teacher of the Great Xia Empire for his achievements in defeating the enemy, and is granted the authority to wield the Dragon-slaying Whip. Trained in martial arts and medical skills on the Demon Island, Ye Fan not only excels in combat but also possesses remarkable healing abilities, capable of reviving the dead. Upon returning home, he discovers his parents have suffered humiliation and bullying from the Ye family. A chance encounter with Long Jiaoyun, the heiress of the Dragon Soars Group seeking the national master to save her father, leads to Ye Fan's extraordinary artistic healing that cures her father's paralysis caused by a car accident. As a result, he gains the favor of Long Jiaoyun and becomes a prominent figure in the Cloud City. However, after ten years of protecting the nation abroad, he learns that his fiancée is being forced to marry someone else...


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